The media is reporting that Sriwijaya Air Flight 182, a Boeing 737-500 with 62 people on board, has crashed into the ocean. Details are not yet forthcoming. It is reported that rescuers are pulling debris from the Java Sea suggesting a catastrophic accident with no survivors.

The authorities lost contact with the plane shortly after take off from Jakarta in Indonesia on Saturday. The flight was en route to Pontianak in Borneo.

Fishermen off the coast of Jakarta have reported hearing an explosion around 2.30pm on Saturday during poor weather. They then noted debris in the water.

We offer our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of all on board.

Sriwijaya Air is one of the Indonesian domestic leading airlines. It carries over 950,000 passengers per month, from its hub at SoekarnoHatta International Airport to 53 destinations within Indonesia and three regional countries. Established in 2003 it serves both passenger and freight to national and regional areas, flying into 3 countries from Indonesia.

It currently has a fleet of

  • 5x Boeing 737-500
  • 11x Boeing 737-800
  • 2x Boeing 737-900ER

On 27th August 2008, One of their 737-200’s over ran the runway at Jambi in Sumatra, injuring 26 people and killing a farmer on the ground.

On 20th December 2011, one of their 737-300’s encountered windsheer on final approach while landing at Yogyakarta. While the plane landed, it over ran the runway causing substantial damage and 2 minor injuries.

On 1st June 2012 a 737-400 aquaplaned and veered off the runway during landing at Pontianak, Borneo in heavy rain. While the aircraft suffered substantial damage and was written off, there were no injuries.

On 13th October 2012, during a flight from Medan to Padang, West Sumatra, the aircraft accidentally landed at the Tabing Air Force Base, 12km from the airport. There were no injuries, however both pilot and co-pilot were suspended.

The airline had a safety rating of 4/7, which has now fallen to 1/7 due to this current accident.

  • On 27 August 2008, a Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-200 (PK-CJG, c/n 23320) operating as flight Sriwijaya Air Flight 62 overran the runway at JambiSumatra. There were 26 injuries and one fatality. The deceased was a farmer who was with his family in a hut sheltering from rain when it was struck by the plane.[16][17]
  • On 20 December 2011, a Boeing 737-300 (PK-CKM, c/n 28333) on Sriwijaya Air Flight 230 encountered windshear on final approach and after touchdown veered off the runway while landing at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The aircraft managed to touch down, but could not stop in time. The aircraft came to a stop 25 meters past the runway end. The right main landing gear and nose gear collapsed, causing the right engine and wing were substantially damaged. There were no fatalities and two passengers received minor injuries during the evacuation. The aircraft was written off.[18]
  • On 1 June 2012, a Boeing 737-400 (PK-CJV, c/n 24689), operating domestic flight Sriwijaya Air SJ188 from Jakarta, Indonesia to Pontianak (Borneo) veered off runway 15 during landing at Pontianak in heavy rain. The aircraft, after aquaplaning on the drenched runway, came to stop left of the tarmac on soft ground on its belly (the nose gear collapsed and the main landing gear sank into the soft soil) and received substantial damage. No injuries occurred, the airport was temporarily closed as its single runway was blocked by the accident. On 2 June the aircraft was removed from the runway by the use of heavy cranes and the airport reopened for normal traffic.[19]
  • On 13 October 2012, a Sriwijaya flight from Medan, North Sumatra to Minangkabau International AirportPadang, West Sumatra accidentally landed at Tabing Air Force Base, some 7 miles (12 km) away. None of the 96 passengers and 4 crew were injured. The pilot and co-pilot were suspended and subsequently questioned by the NTSC[20][21]
  • On 9 January 2021, a Boeing 737-500 (PK-CLC), operating as Sriwijaya Air Flight 182, crashed near Laki Island, shortly after taking off from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport. The flight was bound for Pontianak Supadio Airport with 62 people on board (50 passengers and 12 crew members). The cause of the incident remains unknown. Assuming no survivors, Flight 182 would be the deadliest accident in the airline’s history to date. 62 people remain missing with the Indonesian Navy deployed to help with the search and rescue mission.[22]

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